Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Some work..

My mistake.. Well. No. No mistake. Just to let you know my work can and will be seen in The Other Side mag in the september issue which is now online for lovely people to browse. So do so. Please. And let me know your thoughts. xx


Monday, 24 August 2009

A memory of London..

Regarding London. I saw a little tiny Sausage Dog or a Daschund yesterday. I nearly stole it. It was the most glorious thing seen in my entire life. Jasmine is soon to be mine. Jasmine is my future Daschund..

The Other Side Magazine..

Also.. have been doing some work for http://www.theothersidemag.co.uk/ for their new issue coming out this month. The mag (last month) can be seen and read online but is also available around London. Here is a piece of my work soon to be seen in September issue ..


I saw London yesterday. I sat in a park by a lake in Hampstead Heath and it was perfect. A perfect Sunday. Now its monday. I have no motivation to work, therefore I blog.

For now, that is all. Have yourselves good mondays.