Thursday, 28 January 2010

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Lucy Brown Studio

My work is currently displayed here.. check it out.. Why not ey? Whats stopping you!

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hello. Hello.

A Happy New Year to you all.

It has been a while, for which I apologise, but, with a full time job, stealing my life from me, motivation is hard to come by, and creativity has been slung to the back burner…

Aside from mind-blowing admin work, I am still going, still plugging away, trying to make KAW a household name, at a snail’s pace of course, but I am slowly getting back on track, pulling my finger from my arse – someone crude may say, developing concepts, grabbing any Illustration work and competitions I can get my mitts on.

Through entering a million and one illustration competitions last year, my hard work was finally recognised when I was asked by Figtree – – a creative consultancy, to produce a self portrait, of myself, which would then be judged to see if I was up to the job, and enough in keeping with their previous artists. Unfortunately I was not – but, my self portrait will not and must not be wasted, and can be seen below!

Also over the Christmas period, I had my work displayed as limited edition wrapping paper in the NO:ID gallery in London, through Frinton Press. I received some stunning feedback, including the news of having sold out of said limited edition prints, and the exhibition being a huge success. Pictures from the opening night can be found

For now, I am keeping up my work place with The Other Side Magazine, who are set to be big in 2010. Find them here and look out for their up and coming mag and Best Of edition coming to the streets of London, and you, soon.

I use this opportunity to proudly announce KAW’s Cuisine (formerly known as KAW’s Christmas Cuisine) is still up and running and after a successful month of sales, have now decided to have a January sale. So, I have tea towels and prints left to sell. At discount prices of course, so if you’re interested, and are willing to fund me to produce more natty little things, please hola at KAW…

Ready and waiting...