Sunday, 6 June 2010

OOOh. Bootsale fun.

I went to a bootsale last weekend. Had a lovely yet tiring time walking up and down, up and down (freaking enormous bootsale - took me at least 2 hours to get around). Anyway, I found a beautiful old cabinet (from the tip, not the bootsale) - glass doors and shelves, mirrored back, and a general picture of beauty, so thought I’d better fill it with some equally beautiful finds. Here are photos of those finds, some old salt and pepper shakers, pre 80s milk bottles and oh, not pictured, some Dr martens shoes which I have been searching the web for since Christmas. £3! I'd actually like to take this moment to thank the man who sold me the shoes, and thank his oversized thick feet that couldn't quite squeeze into them! And also the man at the tip who generously risked his job to exchange the cabinet for a measly £6 as that’s all my purse contained – I’m a haggler don’t you know… Who would?!

A good day. Early starts are not always bad!

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