Tuesday, 10 November 2009

KAWs Christmas Cuisine


It's been a while, trying to set up my new business ideas! I have now (finally) found my niche and am fully committed to making this a Christmas to remember, for you and me, and for all the right reasons..

I am setting up KAWs Christmas Cuisine, where all sorts of things can be brought for pals, parents, parents in laws etc etc..
These treasures include:
  • Christmas cakes, (option of traditional delicious fruity delight, or an Orange and Cointreau cake)
  • Christmas cards, (to buy individually or in packs)
  • Presents: fanzines, prints, tea towels, 2010 calendars, sloe gin (ready to drink over Christmas)
Perfect gifts that are a little bit special to give to those you love.

If you are at all interested in any of the treats outlined above, please email me any questions, for price guides and things of differing description..

You can find examples of my work, throughout my blog, and more will be posted SOON!

Thanks for reading. Look forward to hearing from you! xx

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